Arts sustainability messaging

Guardian article on ways in which artists are engaging people in their local communities with climate change

Corporate sustainability messaging isn’t working – it’s time to look to the arts

Feeling a way through …

feel your way

  • to judge where you are going by touching with your hands instead of looking
  • to act slowly and carefully because you are not certain how to do something

Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Feeling a way through … is an invitation to participate in the work of art.  In a shared exploration of paintings and video made during the artist’s ongoing project of making sense of climate change responsibility, you will share your readings and responses to the artwork – through reflection, conversation, dialogue.  Come and feel part of it.  

Carole Kirk, Painter and Cultural Industries PhD Scholar

Hand feeling painting

Tuesday 17th December at 12-1pm or 2-3pm, Alec Clegg studio, stage@leeds.
Free entry, but please email to book as places are limited –
School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds

‘Touch’ symposium

This Friday, I will be contributing to a symposium on ‘Touch’ in Art process as part of the Didsbury Arts Festival.  I will be talking about my installation The Gesture of Thinking, and about the role of ‘touch’ in interpreting painting.


In the tactile engagement with materials in my studio, I make sense out of physical ‘sense’.  But if the ‘thinking’ is in the making, how can I share this ‘felt’ knowledge with an audience?