Decluttering mutterings

We are attempting to declutter the garage, and have finally discovered Freecycle.  What a great scheme – matching clutter you don’t want to people who do want the stuff. 

Yesterday, we got a phone call from a lady who would like to claim an old primus stove of Rick’s.  No problem, he said.  I’ll drop it round tomorrow.  A few minutes later, covered in cobwebs, he came in from the garage.  “I think it was in the charity shop box.”  Typical.  We’d finally got around to taking two boxes of stuff that have been sitting in the garage for months to the charity shop yesterday afternoon.

This morning, bright and early, he was up and driving back to Banbury to try and retrieve it.  Thankfully it was still in the backshop.  “Left something by mistake?” they said.  “Happens all the time.”


2 thoughts on “Decluttering mutterings

  1. The trouble with Freecycle is that it is addictive. Try not to end up with more coming in than you have going out 🙂

    You do meet some lovely people, though. I imagine HB to be a hotbed of Freecyclers – you should be able to get anything you need for your new home, and meet the natives at the same time!

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