A business card is born

This week in art class, we started to look at visual communication.  This involved getting lots of magazines, ripping out pictures and text and sticking them together in odd combinations.  Great fun.  It also taught us something about how images and text together can be presented on the page to communicate a mood or a story – design basics.

Business cardWhich gave me the confidence to have a go at designing my own business card.  I’ve used Paintshop Pro (which you can get at a fraction of the price of something like Photoshop).  However, there isn’t much documentation to help you use it as a design tool rather than a piece of photo manipulation software, so I had to do a lot of ‘click and see’ type learning to find out how to use it.  I’m quite pleased with the results though.

I’ve uploaded the artwork to Goodprint and ordered my first batch of business cards.  They do 400gsm which is a good weight, but I’ve yet to see the quality.  Fingers crossed.