It all begins here …

I’m feeling rather strange this week.  Yesterday was my last day at work, and I spent it surrounded by balloons and good wishes.  I feel very sad to be leaving my work colleagues as I’ve enjoyed their company over the last two years.

However, we are moving on.  Today, we booked to view seven properties to rent in Calderdale.  We are travelling up to Hebden Bridge next Monday and staying for a week to view places.  There may be more that come up between now and then, so we are hopeful of securing somewhere suitable.  I also plan to visit Todmorden College to see if I can transfer my art and design studies to them.

I have also taken on a piece of careers writing work for AGCAS.  I need to find three ceramicists/pottery designers to interview.  Anyone know any potters or ceramicists?

2 thoughts on “It all begins here …

  1. Isn’t it odd how you become close to fellow workers and goodbyes are so difficult?
    Speaking of the first face you posted, I just read some of my first writing and it is so boring and poorly written, I hope mine has changed, too.
    Wickedly cold her at night, but the days have warmed to tolerable.
    I’m still writing and I know now something I’ve always suspected, writers are weird and it take another writer to understand them,
    Are we going to SOI in January?

  2. Hi Connie,
    Your writing is lovely.
    SOI is now planned to start on 19 February – see my post here

    I would love to do it again, but am waiting until the end of next week when I should have a good idea about the timing of our house move. I don’t want to sign up and then be waiting to get broadband connected for most of it!

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