6 thoughts on “Which careers suit you best?

  1. “Your results suggest that Artistic type work might suit your interests and preferences.”

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! *laughing myself sick*

  2. It’s because we wanted to paint the new offices, isn’t it?

    So… being a career coach is just that easy, huh? *wink*

  3. *Doh* You worked out how it did it.

    Most people would like it to be that easy. Sadly, we all know it isn’t. Every test we’ve ever taken makes us laugh with the results.

    That’s why I think coaching works better than a test. It gives people an opportunity to work things through for themselves. We are all so complex that there is no test on earth that can understand us better than we can come to understand ourselves, given the time, space and encouragement.

    Sorry, Ryan, you’ve got me on a bit of a hobby horse here. 🙂

  4. No need for apologies – I was hoping to trigger an insightful response like that!

    Standardized tests for such things are so much garbage. No amount of little boxes, in ANY number of combinations, can hope to correctly classify humans. They may get close, sometimes, but by close I mean no more than 75% right.

  5. Ryan, I agree with you there!

    Where tests can sometimes be useful is as a starting point for a conversation. However, in my work I prefer to use worksheets or exercises that don’t come up with a defined answer or ‘box’, but do provide some structure and prompts to help people think about their skills, values and passions. Sometimes we get into boring ruts because we don’t think enough about those things.

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