Completed portrait

This morning I spent three and a half hours in life class completing this very formal portrait.  The poor model must have been terribly stiff by the time we finished.  I’m quite pleased with this, as I haven’t done very much representational painting (especially of people).  I’ve used acrylics, but am itching to try oil paints.  The only thing I’m not sure about is the turpentine fumes (and safe disposal of turps); and the longer drying time.  Any tips?

seated portrait

8 thoughts on “Completed portrait

  1. Oh lovely! You should be very pleased withthis. and I do like the light on the hands ( and the face, too) as you mentioned…

  2. 1. Don’t use real turpentine. There are “synthetic” turps out there with less deadly fume issues!

    2. The more linseed oil (or other medium) added, the longer the drying time. While oil will always take longer than acrylic, it doesn’t have to take years.

    3. Bravo on that painting!

  3. No tips from me. Just wanted to say, I love this, and how much better than this can anybody do. LOVELY.I would be so proud to do something HALF this GOOD!!!

  4. Thank you all!

    Ryan – thanks for the tips. I feel a visit to an art shop coming on.

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