Fox skull

I’ve been meaning to draw this for a while.  I found him/her during our first walk up onto the moors.  As I’m always on the lookout for useful objects to draw, I wrapped it in a bag and brought it home for a good wash.   I think it’s a fox, but it could be a dog. 

Ever since I’ve been following Ryan’s beautiful drawings, I’ve been struck by the strange beauty of bones and skulls – the underlying structures of all creatures.  I have to say though, they are terrifically fiddly to draw.  It’s very good practice for getting tonal values though, as you really have to look for them to get the shape. 

10 thoughts on “Foxy

  1. You’ve done an excellent job with this, Carole. The values are perfect – and as you say, that’s not easy with a subject like this. The small very dark shadows are really effective. I like your portrait as well. How I envy you having one long pose to work on!

  2. Hi Carol,

    Interesting that you have begun drawing skulls – they are SO valuable for drawing practice. A few years ago I went back to school to study art and our teacher made us draw skulls. We didn’t like it much but I look back now and see it as a very valuable learning curve.

    Your skull is excellent. Have you thought about doing the same thing in colours – great value study.


  3. Wonderful, Carole! Ryan’s footsteps are excellent ones to follow and I have to agree with him: you’ve done a MIGHTY fine job!

  4. This is excellent. I am one of those weirdo’s that do like skulls…and this one is just beautifully drawn. you range of values are great!

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