Figure studies

figure studiesI need to improve my figure drawing, but I’ve done very little life drawing.  When I do get to a life drawing class, I’m hampered by being terribly slow. 

I got the idea for using a Yoga book from Christeen, and am hoping that although these aren’t from life, they will teach me something about the figure that will help when I come to draw from life.


By the way – I’ve now been drawing daily for a whole month.

2 thoughts on “Figure studies

  1. Congratulations! You’re doing so great!
    These drawings are good. And it doesn’t matter that it is not from life. If we have to wait for live models, or wait for opportunities to only draw from life every single time, we’ll never be able to draw! So, good going here!

  2. Good for you! These are great! And a huge congratulations on drawing daily and making it to a month- now keep doing it! *laughs*

    I haven’t been able to maintain that kind of pace- yet! But I hope to get there someday 🙂 It’s folks like you who inspire me to keep working on art as often as I can. Thanks for sharing your artistic goodies.

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