Figure Studies

figure studies

Drawn from photos.  I need so much more practice at drawing the figure!  Drawn with 8B pencil which seems to drag on the paper.  I expected it to be softer.

2 thoughts on “Figure Studies

  1. These are lovely – where do you get your reference photos? I find images of women quite easy to find, but it’s men I need (photos for practice I mean). I also admire your figure sketches earlier in your blog – I think that loose style is so evocative.

  2. I think drawing the figure from photo’s is very hard, you’re brave! But we don’t have a choice, since live models are not so easy to come by..have you tried the virtual poses. yet? You can then draw from you computer screen and see different poses with 360 degress angles…look for Virtual poses 3 at
    I alos find pencil very unforgiving, so I use monolith 6B, even 9B, which has an almost buttery feel and I love it, alittle messy, but you learn to work around it. Maybe you already use it..
    Keep going on the figure drawings!

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