2 thoughts on “Barbed

  1. This has all the maings of a wonderful abstract…I suppose you used the fibers and sticks etc to do your drawing? that is a wonderful way of looseing up. Years ago, when I dis art at university, the prof. told us to use only ink and anything else BUT traditional pencils or nibs. We could use sticks and ear buds and fibers, like you say and toothbrushes and our hands. It was all about “markmaking”…that was wonderfully freeing, we went crazy. I still have some of my drawings, huge pieces of paper with all these marks and there are some of my most interesting, different, unique pieces in that pile….I think I should join you and try some of those again.
    Great prelim sketch…love that twisted knot..

  2. Carole, this is going to be an amazing abstract. I like the way you’ve distributed the values- your eye is drawn to the twisted middle shape – which is such an interesting form. I’ll be checking back to see where this goes.

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