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I drew this whilst waiting for the moderator to visit our class at college last Wednesday.  Drawing lots of little tiles is quite a good way of filling in time when you know you may keep being interrupted, as there isn’t too much to concentrate on at any one time.

The moderator looked at my work and seemed happy.  He was there to see that the college tutors were doing their job properly, which I’m sure they are.  So I’m now finished college for this year, and should even have a qualification in Art and Design!  I have no idea when I will formally find out what result I got (if any) but I do know I’ve done enough to pass.

So, the summer beckons (damply so far) and I plan to do more walking, more sketching, and lots of artwork.  I’m in the middle of a few projects right now including an oil painting, a 3D wire doll, and something to do with childhood photos. 

7 thoughts on “Waiting …

  1. No need to ask you what you are going to do with all your free time now that the course is over!

    And what beckons? are you going straight on to a degree?

    It’s a nice position to be in, already knowing that you have passed. Well done. It has been really interesting to see your work develop. It looks to me like this course has been thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable for you.

  2. Hi Beth,

    I’m starting year one of an HND in Fine Art in September (equivalent level of study to a degree, just more practical). I’ve decided to study full time, so will have 2 years on the HND and then one year doing a BA top up to turn it into a BA.

    The course has been brilliant. Actually, I feel I’ve really benefited from doing such a range of courses (Nottingham, Birmingham, and here). I’ve learned different things on all of them.

  3. Dear carole,
    These sketches are so realistic. Honestly, I feel like I can reach in and pick up things like the glasses and watch. It takes talent and hard work to create sketches that are three demensional.
    It’s ineresting about your forthcoming course, too, and coincidental as well. I’m in an equivalent writing course myself. Mine will take 2 years and that’s pushing it. It may wind up taking three, because some of the units are so grueling.
    I like it very much, and I’ve had lots of encouragement to go on. So, I feel like I’ve gained some ground. Whew!
    Best wishes, Carole.
    Connie Scott

  4. Hi Connie,
    I’m glad you’ve found a good writing course. Encouragement is so important. Just let me know when I can read some of your writing!

  5. Hi Carole,
    I loved this montage of little tiles, each so different and complete in itself, yet part of a coherent whole.
    Good luck on the next stage of your journey in September! And to you too, Connie, with your writing.
    Me – I am just about to start a Writers News short story course ….
    Good wishes to all,

  6. Hi Sue,
    Thank you, I’m glad you like my little sketch. I hope you enjoy the Writers News course! I do admire you and Connie for sticking at it.

  7. Wonderful grid! For some reason the use of black and white really does draw the eye in for a nice long look!

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