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sketchbook page 1sketchbook page two

More pages from my sketchbook.  You can just about make out some figure drawings on the right hand page.  This kind of playing is a good way of learning about different ways to handle paint without getting hung up about the picture you are painting.

5 thoughts on “More playing

  1. Hi Carole,
    That’s a terrific way to work with colors. I knew an artist in Laguna Beach, Ca. who did many posters of nothing but color in the way you’ve shown. The little one with the pram has so much feeling, enven down to the outfit she is wearing.
    I’m learning beginning/intermediate German. All I know is horse, dog, cat, lady and some numbers. You know how it goes when you are learning a new language. My best friend is learning it, because her daughter is living in Germany now. (newly wed) We may go over there. I hope they only talk about dogs, cats and birds etc.
    Connie Scott
    We went to Niagara Falls on vacation. It was stunning.

  2. Hi Connie,
    Good luck with the German! I’m rubbish at learning languages. I can learn a few words, but get disheartened when I can’t understand the person speaking back to me. Hopefully the first words you hear on your visit to Germany will be “Hello, I am a lady with one horse, two cats and three dogs.” You can live in hope!

    Niagara Falls must be amazing. I’ve never been, so I can only imagine what it must be like.

  3. Hi Carole,
    The German is slow….very slow. I laughed about the greeting you wrote. I can’t say 3 dogs, because I’m not sure of three, I think it’s zwei. Mein hund ist weibe. My dog is white. I wonder how far that will get me.
    Carole, you amaze me with your art work. I wish my writing went as well. You explore, and I think that’s important.

  4. Hi Connie,
    You’ll be fine if you ever need to find a lost white dog in Germany!

    Thank you for your support of my artwork. I do explore – I love exploring. It’s finishing anything that I have a problem with.

    Your writing is gorgeous. Are you still writing your novel? Please let me know when I can buy one of your books!

  5. I’m leaving the same comment here as on the following post(I always read from the back!!)
    Great work, I love these too!

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