Drawing with thread

thread drawing

Just in case you hadn’t seen enough of this image – here’s one that I ‘drew’ with needle and thread.  I didn’t trace the image first – I worked from a drawing in front of me.  This may explain why it is rather wonky, but I am interested in the visual effects that you get from stitching.  I would however have found this far easier if I’d had an embroidery frame!


4 thoughts on “Drawing with thread

  1. Carole – I really love this. It has so much life in it – I can’t believe it’s done with thread. I’ve been enjoying all your recent work here – I’ve got to learn how to play too!

  2. I love your drawing with thread! What a cool effect! What attitude you protrayed in that little girl! and you didn’t draw it first?!!!–Carol C.

  3. Hi Carol,
    Thank you! I was working from a drawing that I’d previously made from a photograph, but I didn’t transfer the drawing onto the fabric first. I ‘copied’ from the drawing using needle and thread as a drawing tool.

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