A glimpse of my ‘studio’

a mess

Well actually … it’s the spare bedroom.  And we have a guest coming this weekend.  Help!

I don’t know how to do one of those Flickr things with pop up labels on, so what you can see here are some fabric journal pages in progress, some prints onto handmade paper, and my papermaking kit waiting for me to make some more.

2 thoughts on “A glimpse of my ‘studio’

  1. You *have* had a productive summer!

    The Flickr thing? Go to the photo’s own page and click on the Add Note icon, which is somewhere at the top left of the image, I think. A box and label pop up. Write in the label, drag and size the box where you want it. Add more, to taste.

    (All of that may be wrong – but it’s how I remember it when not actually looking at it)

  2. Hi Beth,
    I have creative bursts!

    Thanks for the note about Flickr. I’ll have a go some time.

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