Another Place

another place

This Tuesday, we visited Anthony Gormley’s Another Place sculptures on Crosby Beach.  They have now been granted planning permission to stay permanently.  There is something quite spiritual about these figures, as they stand patiently looking out to sea.  They are also eroding beautifully, creating some fascinating surface textures.

4 thoughts on “Another Place

  1. Wow, Carole, this took me to Gloucester, Massachusetts. The Helmsman looking out to sea with the inscription: “For those who go down to the sea in ships.” I could never get enough of looking at that bronze figure. Yours are just as wonderful!
    You really share art. Thank you very much.
    I hope all is well with you.
    I have a new cat. She should be in a monastery some where, because she won’t make friends, yet. We are hoping.
    Best regards,
    Connie Scott

  2. Gorgeous, aren’t they?

    Connie, I’m sure your new cat will come around once she gets to know and trust you.

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