Gallery sketches

Sketch from The Artist in Her StudioI’ve been taking a holiday over the festive period, so not much to share.  We did, however, visit Leeds City Art Gallery and I spent a very pleasant half hour sat drawing this detail from Paula Rego‘s ‘The Artist in Her Studio’.  The good thing about drawing a piece of artwork is that it makes you really look at it.  This painting is actually far more painterly and textured than you would ever expect from looking at a reproduction of it.

You can also get a feel for the physicality of the artist’s process – how they actually may have moved to make the marks.  For example, this sketch is drawn whilst looking at a charcoal drawing by Frank Auerbach in the Manchester Whitworth Art Gallery.  Just by trying to replicate the way the marks were made, I could sense the vigorous movements that he may have made in making the drawing.

Drawing made from Head of EOW

2 thoughts on “Gallery sketches

  1. Hey Carole! Happy New Year!!!

    I’m liking this concept of really looking at how other artists make their marks. I’ve had to do a bit of it for uni, and its fascinating when you really start analysing people’s styles and methods … hhmmmm … will definitely be doing more of that I think this year …

  2. Great sketching Carole! You’re right, it is only when we take out a pencil and study the great works do we really SEE and FEEL the piece in front of us…and learn. I should do more of that too…

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