Layer, stitch, slash

Stitch slash one

Our textiles project for yesterday involved layering up fabrics, stitching into them, and then cutting through layers to expose layers underneath.  For this piece, I used a moleskin-type fabric base layer and then added beautiful jewel velvets, and several layers of organza.  I switched the machine to free-embroidery and sewed the layers pretty much at random.  I then clipped through the organza layers with scissors – making the cuts at random.  I love the result, although I have no idea how to get a decent photo of it.  You just can’t see how the light plays on the organza layers, or the richness of the velvet underneath.

stitch slash 2

7 thoughts on “Layer, stitch, slash

  1. Carole,
    I don’t know how you did this. It looks pretty. I wish I could see the real material. The layering technique is fascinating. Even layered music is unique.
    Connie Scott

  2. Hi Connie,
    Thank you! It was just a process of laying bits of fabric on top of each other, stitching them together, and then adding and stitching more layers on top of that. Then I cut ‘slashes’ into the layers and frayed the edges. The organza (the thin layers on top) has a sheen to it that reflects the light, which doesn’t really show in the scan. The blue and red underneath are velvet, which also reflects the light.

  3. This realy looksstunning Carole, but I can imagine that the photos don’t come close to doing it justice. I’d love to see it in real life.

  4. Carole,
    You amaze me more and more. How in the world do you figure out all the art work you do? I haven’t seen one piece of your work that didn’t reflect amazing talent.
    Connie Scott

  5. I love all your textile work as you know.

    This is lovely and it looks very tactile – will you frame it? I love the idea of hiding things then revealing them – a bit like unwrapping Christmas presents!

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