Behind netting

behind netting

Collagraph print with chine colle.

I always have terrible difficulty thinking of titles for my work – both visual art and writing.  Anyone have any ideas on how to title your work?

3 thoughts on “Behind netting

  1. I really like this piece Carole. It looks as if the girl is watching us and she’s coming through from a glimpse in the past. Captured in time. Does she know what her future holds, is she still laughing? It throws up lots of questions about our pasts and futures! It also reminds me of a mother holding her childs heart in the palm of her hand, protection.

    Can’t help you with titles though – I struggle enough for my own!! Maybe ask yourself questions about it – ie. How does this piece make you feel? What are you trying to portray?

  2. Thank you, Julie. It seems this fits well within my memory theme!

    It sometimes takes me ages to work out what my work is telling me. Perhaps I just need to leave the title until I’ve managed to work it out. 🙂

  3. I just finished preparing a post for my blog (won’t be published til July 25th) on this very topic. I am a dollmaker and each doll has to have a name. For me naming is the hardest part of the doll making journey.

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