On Show

At college, we have a wall in the entrance corridor which is used to hang students’ artwork.  I was rather chuffed when my tutors asked me if I would like to put my paintings up there.  I’ve never put any of my paintings up before, so it was a steep learning curve working out how to hang a set of paintings of disparate sizes.  But with rather a lot of help, I got there in the end.  Here they are in situ:-
paintings on college wall
It’s really useful being able to see them hung on a wall (rather than propped on a desk or easel), and also to see them all hung together in one place.  It’s also interesting to hear other people’s comments about them, which I guess is what happens if you actually show your work.

7 thoughts on “On Show

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Carole on your showing!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

    Your children’s series — such touching, touching pieces!! I JUST LOVE this recent one — i see my grands in this exact position — you’ve captured it perfectly!!!!!

    Let us know how the show goes, my friend!

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