3 thoughts on “Spank

  1. As you know, I don’t like dolls and find them sinister – so have a hard time understanding and relating to your doll pieces. But I do love your soft sculptures (*really* love them – they have so much character) and the work arising from them.

    What I find really amusing is that these amorphous forms, with no faces – and in this case *spanking* a “baby” are so much warmer and more appealing to me than a toy doll. Logic would suggest that I should find them more spooky, surely?

    Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my psyche.

    Keep it up! It’s great to watch your development even if I rarely have a clue how to express a reaction to it. I’m still here and enjoying the journey.

  2. As I child my dolls were quite real to me and I used to wonder if they were awake while I slept… this drawing re enforces the discomfort I felt… Plus… a bit of bullying going on in the toy room?

    Maybe I’m just weird!!

    Hi from Cornwall – still here in the rain!!

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