I want to walk

 Acrylic on paper 12″ x 16″

I am still making work, and am excited by this series of bright paintings.  One of the things I am curious about is the way that the type of paint I use changes the way I paint.  When I use acrylic, my style is more spontenous, sketchier and brighter.  When I use oil, I am more careful, more detailed and more sombre.
I can also be more playful with acrylic, for example in this I have used natural sponge to create the effect of splashes of floral colour and foliage.  In ‘Nets’ below, I used a textured medium for the beach.  It’s good to be playing again.

1 thought on “Toddler

  1. It’s nice not to have the stresses of projects etc!! And yes it is fun to play – It’ll be really interesting to see where you take your ‘memory’ works long term.

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