Millpond – EDM 83

Our favourite local walk takes us over Mill Hill, alongside fields with hedgerows stuffed with berries, and through a small wood.  We tread carefully to avoid the holes excavated by badgers.  Through the young trees we glimpse this millpond with a perfect reflection of the redbrick barn beside it.  Sadly, I can’t seem to get the water to look wet.  I also don’t know quite why I call it a millpond, given that the mill was about three fields away.



6 thoughts on “Millpond – EDM 83

  1. Nice job with this, I like feeling of light and strong contrast. It makes it look very sunny. Try some horizontal marks in the water to suggest the slight riffling of wind on water. You can do that by lifting out a bit of the color, and/or adding a few small ripples here and there.

  2. Carole, this is beautiful! I love the reflection and the water looks fine–a sky that is overcast will give it that faded look in the water.

  3. This is lovely Carole! Your deep liquid shadows are so rich and interesting and the softness of the building adds to the stillness of the day. Great stuff!

  4. Carole,
    Just the name “Mill Pond” is beautiful, then add your sketch and it’s perfect.
    My husband and I explored a mill that had closed quite a few years ago and we found a mill pond way in the back. Most people didn’t know it existed when we told many of the locals.
    Very nice work, Carole, thank you for showing it to us.

  5. ditto what Karen said about adding a few ripples, either by putting a little in or scrubbing a few little ones out. Not too many, though! You’ve got it looking beautiful and so very quiet and still! Great piece!

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