Busyness Update

My business cards arrived yesterday.  I feel like I’m finally in business!  Full marks to Goodprint – the card quality is very good and the print as good as it could be given the quality of the artwork I gave them (I’ve still got a lot to learn).

I’ve spent this afternoon writing my pricing list and designing a letterhead to match the business card.  I now have an A4 price list on headed paper sitting next to me on the printer. 

This morning, I saw a client for a second session.  I love this work.  I get so much satisfaction from helping people figure out what they want from life.

Yesterday I got to grips with planning what I need to do for my business.  I created an overwhelming number of postits, most of which fell into the ‘start-up’ category.  After an initial panic, I managed to sort out a few which need to be done first – one of which was my pricing strategy – tick.

I’ve also been sketching people.  This week in art class, we sketched from a skeleton and from sports photos.  We are learning how the body is put together, and how it moves.  I need to make legs longer – I always draw people with short little legs.  Perhaps that’s because I’ve got short legs 😉