4 thoughts on “We’ve found a new home!

  1. Dear Carole,
    what a sweet and precious card and message, thank you very much.
    What is this? I hope it doesn’t leak. (the pan)
    Send pics of your new home, Carole.
    Best Wishes and love for the season.
    P.S. Are we going to be writing together?

  2. Connie,
    OK, this isn’t really our new home 😉 I will post more details.
    We will be writing together as I’ve just emailed Helen and Sharon to book a place. Hopefully they’re not already booked!

  3. I have emailed Helen, twice and asked for a spot, but I’ve had no response.
    Hey, your new home is very nice.
    I”m glad it isn’t the one with the dingy basement.

  4. Connie, I’ve just heard from Helen today so hopefully there will be an email in your inbox.

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