Newspaper art?

Newspaper art

This week was my last week at Bournville College before we move and I change colleges.  I *hate* goodbyes.

Anyway, this is the fruit of my labours in class.  We had a life model and had to ‘draw’ him using nothing but newspaper and glue.  Apparently this brings out the abstract qualities in the image.  Well – yes, he does look abstract, doesn’t he?

3 thoughts on “Newspaper art?

  1. Excellent – although I must admit I thought it was a mountain range before I read your words. I can see him now – love how you’ve used colour to shade too.

  2. Mithi, thank you! I think I’ve made the poor chap a bit fatter than he actually was, which is probably why he looks like a mountain range!

  3. I took it for a mountain range too. Well, actually, it looks like Chris Trace’s railway layout – but you’d be too young to remember that 🙂

    I agree, you have brought out his abstract qualities!

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