5 thoughts on “Shadow

  1. I am fascinated by this series of work, Carole. It is rally interesting to see a theme explored in depth and in different media. It looks to me as though you are enjoying the process very much.

    (And it reminds me that I am supposed to be doing a similar thing at Creative Journey. I have a clay model on my theme of Island to produce by the 18th!)

    I see you have done a ltd edn of these. Are you selling any of them?

    How is SOI going?

  2. Hi Beth,
    It works well sticking with one theme and working it through. I do enjoy it. It gives you a purpose for playing with different ideas and media.

    I wasn’t planning on selling any of the prints, as really I should be using better quality materials to do so.

    SOI doesn’t start until next Monday. I’m hoping to hear from Helen soon.

  3. Hi Carole,

    I found this linocut very “dark” and threatening, very atmospheric. Shall look forward to future work, I loved the shoes!

    I too am waiting to hear from Helen, so look forward to working with you very shortly.

  4. Hi Carole,
    Hey girl, these look foreboding, so to me that shows how realistic they are; I like the different moods you create.
    I haven’t heard from Helen, yet, I think we’ll get all the info on Monday.

  5. Sue and Connie, Thank you! I’ve done another print which is still at college (it’s half term this week). I’ll post it next week.

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