Drawing experiments

I fancied having a go at drawing with an ink pen.  I don’t have a proper drawing pen (the type with a nib) so I used a Parker fountain pen.  I quite like these quick sketches.

Ink sketches

We visited Dean Clough galleries in Halifax at the weekend (well worth a visit) and I saw some drawings there done in biro.  Inspired to have a go, I came up with … this.

  Biro dancing pigs

Oh well, back to the drawing board.  Let’s face it, I don’t like writing with a biro, so why would I enjoy drawing with one?


9 thoughts on “Drawing experiments

  1. Hi Carole. In response to your question on EDM, I reckon after 7 consecutive days’ drawing, you already have a habit there 🙂

    You did well with your fountain pen and biro – I like both of these sketches! You’ll have great fun once you’re equipped with a decent art pen, but in the meantime this really goes to show that you don’t have to have the “perfect” tools to get on and be creative. Good on you.

  2. Don’t feel compelled to use a fancy drawing pen! Remember that Cully does all of his NY Subway portraits with a ballpoint pen! The figure reclining on the sofa is excellent — SO well balanced and with great proportion!

  3. Love your drawings- thanks for posting them. I wouldn’t give up on drawing with pens- just find a type you like-these look great!

  4. I really like your pen drawings – try a little watercolor wash on them and you’ll see how good they are!

  5. Hi Carole, I like your drawings with both the fountain pen and biro(don’t quite know what that is?)…I agree with E-J; creativity doesn’t come along with fancy tools. Great job on capturing the poses!

  6. Love those fountain pen sketches! You should get a dip-pen and some indian ink – feels so different to work with…

    Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving encouraging comments! (and yes, the fabric bits ARE scraps)

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