Feeling motivated today …

I woke up this morning feeling flat and low on energy.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my day.  This afternoon, I’m feeling optimistic, purposeful and busy.  So, what made the difference?

For a while, I’ve had an item scribbled on my to-do list to ‘research potential outlets for my art’.  I’ve known that it is important for me to do art, but I’ve struggled to dedicate time to it, feeling it’s not serious and I should be doing a ‘proper job’.  Then I went to my co-coaching group a couple of weeks ago (they supervise my coaching practice and check I’m not falling into bad habits).  Being with a group of coaches for an evening, they helped me to see that I needed to research potential outlets for my creativity in order to allow myself to take it seriously.

So, today I sat down and wrote out all the things I could do that I feel passionate about.  Things that appeal, rather than things that I assume would be lucrative.  In doing this, I reconnected with my purpose – what I really care about, and what stimulates me to make art.  It’s a purpose that I keep coming back to when I pause to listen, and that makes me burn with energy.  When I reconnect with it, ideas suddenly start to flow and action always follows.  I have rediscovered my motivation.

Prompted by this, I’ve written an article on finding your motivation.  What is it that motivates you to work?