Vintage Car Horn

Inspired by E-J’s beautiful cup and saucer, I decided to have a go with oil pastels.  I’ve got a very old pack that I used to have as a child.  I’ve never really got the hang of them though.  For a start, white will not go over another colour, so you have to put the white in first and then leave it alone (I guess).  And it is hard work pressing with the pastels.  I’m probably doing something wrong, but anyway it’s good fun to try different media.  I think this has just convinced me that I need to start doing more painting!

vintage car horn

10 thoughts on “Vintage Car Horn

  1. Congratulations with the 21 days! And don’t stop publishing. It’s so nice to see your work.

  2. Carole, this is terrific! You have taken to the oil pastels brilliantly. What brand are they? Working from light to dark is best, and with a light touch to start with so that you can keep modifying with other colours as needed. The white in the artist’s quality OPs is more opaque than in the cheapie brands, and if you leave your picture to “dry” for a day or so, you can actually lay it over the top to some extent.

    I’m very flattered by your kind comments about my Denby bowl!

  3. You have done a wonderful job on this. The highlights on the horn are beautiful. I have a pack of oils pastels that came with a how-to book, but I am having a hard time with them. This gives me hope!

  4. It’s awesome! Love the reflections!

    Could be you had an issue with the white due to it having gone “off” somehow – this lady layers white over some pretty intense colours.

  5. You have captured the reflections on the horn brilliantly.

    I hope that you continue easily with you daily sketches. I’m now in my second year – and it has been a great journey. When I’m really busy and it gets to be 11PM at night, I try to be very gentle with myself and keep a few photos of hands, bodies, etc and just allow myself a quick 5-10 min practice sketch and call it a day. Other days I am able to carry my sketchbook and spend more time.

  6. This is brilliant Carole, I just tried oil pastels and failed dismally so am highly impressed by this drawing, especially the way you’ve managed to shade and capture detail!
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

  7. Thank you all!

    My oil pastels are Filia No812. The price label on the back says 64p, which just shows how old they are! My Mum bought them for me when I was a child. Perhaps I need some newer ones? The ones I have are quite hard and behave more like wax crayons.

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