Busy weekend sketches

We’ve just returned from a weekend away to go to a wedding.  I did exercise my creative eye (such as it is) in trying to get some decent shots with my SLR, as they didn’t have a photographer.  However, I still stuck to my resolution and found time to draw both days.  Just these little sketches, but it keeps my eye in.

 I grabbed a few quick sketches of things in the hotel room while we were resting after the drive.

hotel room

This evening, the first thing I did was to draw this sprig of heather.  I’m using this to study how things grow in the landscape – bit like drawing trees really, but I can balance a sprig of heather on my sketchbook!


4 thoughts on “Busy weekend sketches

  1. I like the way you captured the twisted branches of the heather. Good job in finding a little time to sketch.

  2. You are a busy artist, Carole – wonderful!
    Great drawing of thing in the hotel..it is true, drawing everything and anything does wonders to “the eye”.
    And I agree, you’ve done a great job on the twisting of the heather branc.

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