One of my learning goals for drawing is doing faces.  I am terrified of drawing faces.  Mainly because the person I’m drawing always wants to look, and the excited ‘can I see?’ turns into a confused and disappointed ‘oh!’ when they see the wierd person I’ve drawn.

So – tonight I sketched Rick while he was on his laptop.  I was (believe it or not) quite pleased with it, because although it’s messy and imperfect, there’s an element of ‘Rickness’ about it.  “It looks a bit like you!” I said, turning the page to show him.  Sadly, I’d also been sketching his new pig car arial topper – a gift from his sister.

one is Rick, the other is a pig

5 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Carole, I really agree with you about drawing faces – I get so worried about what the person will say that I can’t just relax and draw. Good for you, if you’ve gotten a likeness here. I love the pig – but how did Rick react?

  2. Casey – he laughed! But he did admit that there was some likeness in the pencil drawing (or he said he did!). I think I’m going to keep trying to draw him so that we both get used to it. I might relax a bit more then.

  3. This had me laughing, cool sketches, great humor!

    I don’t know what you’ve got available to you, but when I was teaching myself to draw faces at the ripe old age of 12 or so, I found it helpful to trace them. Mom had a couple of makeup books, and I would lay tracing paper over them, trace them, and study the tracing next to the picture.

    It helped me understand the relationships between features, and it helped me get comfortable drawing the curves and planes of the face, and made the whole thing less intimidating. Then I went from tracing, to doodling the faces from the photo. If you feel like experimenting, give it a shot!

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