Sheep jaw in oils

sheep jaw in oils v1

I finally cracked open my new oil paints today (they arrived last week).  This is the first ‘coat’ on an attempt to paint the sheep jaw that I found on the moors.  I’ll be doing more to this once the first coat has dried (however long that takes).  It’s very exciting – I haven’t painted with oils since I was a teenager (and then I only painted a couple of things).

It was surprisingly difficult to crack open the tubes and get painting.  There’s something about oils that make me feel I have to do a ‘proper’ painting i.e. ‘get it right’.  Whatever that means.

But I really enjoyed using them.  The feel is so different to acrylic.  And I can do sgraffito!  I’ve never been able to do that with acrylic – it dries too fast.