Life drawing from Friday.  We had some luscious silky smooth white chalk to play with.   As you can see, I rather overdid it, but it was so lovely to use.  Much, much more practice required for life drawing.  I’ve been continuing to draw daily, and have been rather compulsively drawing my wooden artist’s mannequin, trying to get proportions right.  I still get the legs too short!

5 thoughts on “Gleaming

  1. This looks like a modern art work is a mixture of abstraction, expressionism..I even see a bit of Fuavism there? Just keep doing it and again and again….

  2. Mmmm
    , that chalk looks like lots of fun. I’m not at all sure that the legs are too short, they seem foreshortened, rather. In any case, a lovely, sensuous model.

  3. There are many moods in this drawing. I am wholy captured by this lady in the sketch. She looks dreamy yet pensive. What is in her mind? What are her thoughts?

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