Draw something round

stone ballWell, I set myself a challenge with this!  The challenge was to draw something round.  We have a wonderful stone ball made of grey Kirkstone from the Lake District.  To stop it rolling about, we’ve propped it in a metal t-light holder that normally holds 3 t-lights.  This is what I’ve attempted to draw.


Drawn on cartridge paper with 6B graphite stick and much use of pencil eraser.


8 thoughts on “Draw something round

  1. Well done, Carole (yay! I’m back in the world!)

    Did you see the link that Ryan posted to the sphere-drawing exercise?

    It’s going to take me time to catch up – expect some comments on old posts…

  2. I think this turned out wonderfully. The shadow beneath the stone is perfect. You have the darkest, then the reflected shadow. Great job on a difficult subject.

  3. Thank you!

    Beth, Good to see you! Welcome back to the world. 🙂 I did see the link that Ryan posted, and I read it, although I didn’t follow the instructions when I drew this – I tried to remember what I’d read. Thanks for pointing it out though.

    If you comment on anything, it will come through on the email, so feel free if you feel up to it.

  4. Great drawing this one and how good it looks in this holder…almost like it belongs there, lovely handling of the graphite!

  5. “This is what I’ve attempted to draw” … and achieve it you did! I can imagine curling my fingers around that ball … it is marvelously round.

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