More dolls

Tiny and Susan

A quick sketch to take advantage of the sunlight streaming in through the window, creating those lovely defining shadows on Tiny and Susan.  Drawn in (blunt) graphite stick.


6 thoughts on “More dolls

  1. I think these are terrific, especially their faces, lovely shading.

  2. Aah – more dolls! These are beautifully drawn – the shading looks casual but it’s accurate, and I love the composition.

  3. I like these sketches in graphite…they give a feel of “studies” and I love that!the one on the right has an adorable little face, you’ve captured a real “dolly” face there…

  4. Dear Carole,
    My gosh, your dolls and the story of them brought tears.
    You’re so talented. I like their chubby arms and legs and the facial expressions you’ve captured so well.
    I finished my novel class (finally) whew! I can’t believe I came out first or second in the class; the final frades aren’t posted, yet.
    You know what I had a problem with? Run-on sentences. Any suggestions? The professor stayed on me the entire 9 weeks. I made myself take tests on run-ons. I was embarrassed in front of myself.
    Connie Scott

  5. FANTASTIC!! I love perspective — so so reminescent of dolls .. gorgeous rendering, CArol!

  6. Great modeling on these, and perspective also. And I can’t really explain it, but they look incredibly doll-like too!

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