Simple bookmaking

hand made books

In last week’s textiles class, we finally did a workshop on bookmaking (I’ve been looking forward to this one.)  It followed on from a previous workshop in which we made decorative papers, using simple marbling, wax resist, starch paste and tie dye.  We played with folded style books (e.g. accordion) and simple stitched pamphlets.  The picture is of two stitched pamphlets, made using my own handmade paper with a cover of marbled sugar paper.  I kind of like them.  Anyway, now that I know the basics, I can have some fun with these and make some with something more permanent than sugar paper covers.


2 thoughts on “Simple bookmaking

  1. Handmade paper! Bookmaking! Oil painting! Delicate sketches!
    Poet! Writer!

    Wow, it’s a privilege to know such talent. I enjoyed looking at all of this, Carole, the directions for paper making, the dolls etc.

    Connie Scott

  2. Hi Connie, Good to see you! I’m glad you enjoyed looking. I’m just like a kid in a sweetie shop really – I’ve got to try everything, and probably master none of them. But it’s a lot of FUN, which is the main thing. 🙂

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