6 thoughts on “Mandy and Tiger 5

  1. i AM SO HOPING THERE’S A STORYLINE WITH THESE, Kay — they’d make a wonderful child’s book — grand job!

  2. Thank you both! I hope the pictures do tell a story. I like to let people make up their own stories. But I will post one of my own later, which is sort of related to these pictures.

  3. This one gives me the feeling of finality…. perhaps the way Mandy is laid out? The closed eyes? Tiny tears reminds me of a child looking for protection and needs….It’s almost like bringing it all to an end? Was that the intention?

    Lovely sketch, has a way of making one look again and think more about it.

  4. Soryy – me again!

    Or is Tiny tears somewhat sinister? The way her face is hidden hides what could be happening…. Jealousy, anger, fear??? keep thinking about this one – and the Baby book!

    I love what your doing and how it makes me think hard about it all!

  5. Hi Julie,
    Yes, this picture is supposed to have a finality to it, bringing the story (whatever it is) to a close.

    I like your observation that the Tiny Tears could be feeling anything – it’s not clear.

    I’m glad it gets you thinking! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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