Girl holding flowers

Girl holding flowers

Monoprint on tracing paper.  I applied oil paint to a pallet, speading it out into a very thin layer with a glue spatula (this has left fine lines down the print, creating a distortion which I like).  I then laid the tracing paper gently on top of the layer of ink and used a photo to trace the outline of the image onto the back of the tracing paper, using a pencil with the lead retracted.  Where I pressed with the pencil, the ink transferred onto the paper.  I didn’t know what the resulting image would look like until I lifted the tissue paper off the ink.

I think that this does have visual characteristics that suggest memory – the fuzziness, transparency and lack of clarity.  I plan to do more, using different types of paper, and perhaps layering some of these images.

5 thoughts on “Girl holding flowers

  1. Carole – there is such an evocative feeling about all of these — nostalgic, innocent … very very nicely done!

  2. UUUuuu!!!!!!!!! She;s doing a lot of printmaking! Love your monoprint – just remember to write backwords of you’re putting in text 😉

  3. Lin, Thank you!

    Mithi – yes, I’ve got the printing bug. Writing backwards on monoprints is quite interesting because the quality of the writing becomes quite childlike (well, mine does). Of course, you managed to write an entire poem backwards which was quite a feat!

  4. I love this monoprint has something ethereal about it and yes, it does resemble a memory, there, but not clearly there! Love it!

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