Hidden depths

hidden depths

Charcoal on paper.

I drew this with no initial intention, and no visual reference.  With a blank sheet of paper in front of me, I started to scribble at random.  This baby image kind of appeared, so I worked to enhance it.  The basic pose I think was in my memory from one of my childhood photographs, but I didn’t refer back to that photo.  I like the effect of the build up of scribble marks and eraser marks.  It was also a good way to free me up to start drawing again, as I’ve been a bit ‘stuck’ lately.

5 thoughts on “Hidden depths

  1. This is really interesting – but somehow troubling…it makes me sort of uncomfortable, but I’m not sure why. Isn’t that what art is supposed to do?

  2. Hi Casey,
    I don’t know whether that is what art is supposed to do, but often it does work that way. This picture is a bit unsettling, and I’m not exactly sure why either! I’ll have to work it out.

  3. I worry about you sometimes Carole … looks like a drowning baby! (or someone watching an oblivious baby drowning, and not doing anything about it)…

    But I’m sure you’ve got it all under control 😉

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