Wax crayon in sketchbook.  I was concentrating on negative spaces and forms, and drew in blocks of colour rather than doing an outline drawing of the whole thing first.  Now that I’ve scanned it in, there are bits that look distinctly odd, but overall I quite like it.  I’m playing with children’s media – crayons, felt tips etc. to see what effects I can get (and to start playing again, as I’m still feeling a bit stuck.)

2 thoughts on “Bookish

  1. I love playing! In fact I think I have my best ideas as a result of playing!

    I’m into felt tips and gold pens at the moment and I’m doodleing like mad in my small sketch book!

    (I’m sure someone told me you can add something like white spirit to wax crayons to get effects – maybe add a little abstraction?)

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