3 thoughts on “Doll and crow – “Doll awakes”

  1. The crow(?) appears masculine – the doll femine, the positioning of them gives rise to something sexual (Freud?) and I have the uncomfortable feeling of being an unseen spectator….Perhaps even disturbing the situation?……

    Good topic for a presentation work!!
    Love it! You certainly keep me thinking!

    PS… what does the writing say alongside? Anything to throw light on the subject?

  2. Hi Julie,

    My tutor said that it was unambiguously sexual – which I hadn’t actually intended! The symbollism was about the doll ‘throwing off’ the beauty, passivity and goodness required of a ‘princess’. She’s cast off her dress (you know how children try to take their clothes off because they are a hinderance to them – they can’t run about in them and they get overheated), she’s eating the peaches (representing ‘goodness’) and she’s shredded the rose (representing beauty). I was trying to subvert the traditional fairy story princess where the story goes ‘if you are good to everyone, and beautiful and passive i.e. just wait there for your prince, then all will turn out well. I want her to take control, be assertive that she also has needs, rather than just being ‘good’ to everyone, be proactive and take action in her life, and not be constrained (the impractical frock) by socially accepted notions of how a woman ‘should’ appear (in order to be desired by men).

    But I think I made a complete hash of it!

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