Dad’s hat sketch, and creative cooking

Dad's Hat Drawing

Dad's Hat Drawing

Pencil in sketchbook. 

Drawing these photographs in my sketchbook helps me to think about which ones I might want to paint.  It also helps me get to grips with the forms, which helps me when I do paint them.  This is an image that I am now starting to paint onto canvas.  I may post some works in progress to document how I make decisions in the process of making a painting.

Yesterday, I was cooking tea with bits and bobs, and I realised that I was approaching the process of ‘making tea’ in exactly the same way as I do a painting.  I start with an idea (fry up some onions and chorizo), then make the rest up as I go along (need vegetables – how about courgettes – let’s chop them very small just for fun – now, how about some cannelini beans – oh look, it’s all gone creamy, perhaps I won’t put any tomatoes in – just season it with lots of black pepper and some herby salt and leave it alone.)  Does anyone else find they use their creative skills in their cooking (or anything else?)

3 thoughts on “Dad’s hat sketch, and creative cooking

  1. Thats interesting about the cooking … when I was still doing science and measuring out things to exact micrograms for experiments in the lab, I used to get quite anal in the kitchen too – and get caught up on ‘how many teaspoons of sugar’ recipes required.

    I’m nothing like that now – but I can see how my cooking is like my art at the mo. I need to have all my ‘ingredients’ – art materials, ready and around me before I start working on something. Same with cooking. All ingredients pre-chopped and ready before actual putting in hot oil … I’m a bit more slap-dash with the seasoning nowadays though 😉

  2. I use the same processes as you do – both for preparing a large painting or a small dinner – your descriptions are perfect.

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