‘In the middle’

'In the middle'
‘In the middle’

Oil on paper, image size 5″ x 5″

This is one of the series I am working on of small paintings on paper.  None of them are drying at the moment, as the temperature in the studio barely seems to rise above freezing.  By painting on paper, and hanging it by means of a small clip, I’m asking questions about the ‘preciousness’ of oil painting.  Instead, I hope to evoke the ‘preciousness’ of the family snapshot as an artifact that is handled repeatedly.  I’m also hoping to draw attention to painting as a process of investigation, rather than as a method of commodity production.

3 thoughts on “‘In the middle’

  1. This is very much like memories – they faded and become distorted with time.
    I like the blurry misty way you have painted this one.

  2. Thi9s is going to be wonderful when it is done Carole! I like the stark position of the people on your bench…looking straight at the viewer.

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