Celebrating the backshop work

Until now, I have resisted entering any competitions – let alone those where you have to lug your work in, only to have to lug it home again when they don’t select it.  However, I have finally decided that it is important to at least try.  If I don’t work at ways of getting my work out there, no-one will ever see it.  So yesterday, I took this painting for a ride on the train to Leeds, and we walked together in the rain up to Leeds Art Gallery to enter it into their Open Competition.  It may not be selected, but I am recording it here because I think the ‘backshop’ work we do to get our work out there (whether it is writing, art, music or whatever) should be celebrated.  So let’s hear it for doing those irritating jobs and taking a few risks.

'Bathtime', Oil on canvas, 2ft x 2ft 6"

'Bathtime', Oil on canvas, 2ft x 2ft 6"

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the backshop work

  1. Good for you – I hope it gets selected; it deserves to. I really never do anything with my work and you are right – we should make efforts to get it out there.
    I like the misty quality of this – like looking back through time.

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