‘Only One’ – Artists Book of Unique Monoprints

As requested by Mithi, here is the full monoprint book.  The page spreads appear differently in the book, as I have scanned the A4 sheets which I then folded back on themselves (to A5 size) to make the book pages.  I bound the book using a Japanese stab-binding, which holds all the paper edges together.  The centre folds then form the right-hand page edges.

The multi-coloured images use oil pastel to create an ‘ink pad’ which I then monoprinted from.  The other images use oil paint rolled out thinly onto a perspex plate using a brayer.  Each page in the book is protected with a sheet of tracing paper.

 All the images were drawn using my non-dominant hand, and using an empty pen so that I couldn’t see the image properly until I finished it and turned the paper over to see the inked print. 

Front cover

‘Only One’ page 1

‘Only One’ Page 2

‘Only One’ Page 3

‘Only One’ Page 4

‘Only One’ Page 5

‘Only One’ Page 6

‘Only One’ Page 7

‘Book’ book

Book cover

This is my first attempt at an artists’ book.  It responds to the theme of ‘books’.  It’s a basic concertina format, using photocopy transfer, stitching and fabric transfer techniques.  The whole thing is held together with ribbon (echoing those lovely ribbon bookmarks that I like so much).  The picture below is over-optimised, but I quite like it anyway.

inside the book

Edit: To show an example of one of the inside pages.

Book book inside