Happy New Year!

Welcome (rather belatedly) to 2007.

As we are imminently moving house, things have been rather hectic but I’ve finally managed to squeeze in a drawing.  The EDM challenge (one of them) was to draw a gift.  This is a candle holder, and was a gift from my sister and brother (not)-in-law.  I’ve drawn it using my new Staedtler Mars Pencils (a gift from my Gran) and they are comfortingly smooth and silky to use.  They hold their point too.  I shall enjoy using them.


Today the letting agent confirmed that all our paperwork is in order, so we are definitely moving on the 19th.  Things may go a little quiet round here.


spoonAnother challenge that is harder than it sounds!  I fancy having a go at this in paint, or with black paper and white pencil.  Maybe tomorrow.  It’s been a long week.

We bought these silver teaspoons from a junk shop in Masham, North Yorkshire.  It’s one of those shops you can get lost in for hours, and we usually do.

Egg Box II and the Shop

What is there to do on a grey wet afternoon except draw?  Realising that I’d cheated on the egg box challenge (not reading it properly!) I thought I should challenge myself to draw the box open rather than closed.  I have enormous respect for anyone who has attempted this challenge in paint.  It is hard enough in pencil. 

Open eggbox

I’ve also drawn a previous challenge – our local store.  We are lucky enough to have a local Co-op in the village, and it does a great job of stocking most things that we may need.


Egg Box

EggboxYou can probably tell I’ve been less than patient with this sketch!  It is also interesting how clearly I can see all the mistakes once I’ve scanned it in.  Why can’t I see them as clearly in my sketchbook I wonder?

We buy our free-range eggs from the farm in the village.  This involves standing in the farmhouse porch which has roses rambling round it and stone bench-seats either side, often with empty egg boxes left on them.  We rattle the knocker on the heavy oak door to summon our eggs.  After some brief chit-chat with the farmer’s wife, we wait quite a few minutes while she presumably goes and finds some from wherever the hens lay them.  You don’t get much fresher than that.

My favourite egg dish is probably a good old english fry-up with fried or poached eggs.


Paper Bag

Colour BagB&W Bag

Click to enlarge. 

Last week’s EDM challenge was to draw a paper bag.  Challenge was the right word!  I drew this in colour pencil.  When I scanned it, the scanner was still set to black and white.  I thought it looked much better in B&W, which is interesting.  I like the tonal values, but not the combination of the colours for some reason.  It’s interesting to see what you can learn by looking at a sketch in B&W.




I have had *such* bother with these.  I tried watercolour, and simply refuse to post the results.  This drawing uses colour pencils, and required a lot of layering of colour.  This takes patience, which is not my forte.  Although having said that, I did quite enjoy sitting quietly and colouring in.  It takes me right back to childhood.  I remember when I had chicken pox, Mum bought me a colouring-in book which had beautiful colour pencil landscapes on one page, and the lines for me to colour in on the other.  I think I’ve still got it in the loft.

The apples are coxes bought from Banbury farmers’ market.  They are unbelievably sweet, and the taste reminds me of Halloween.  I lived in Scotland as a child, and we went trick-or-treating.  This involved each of us preparing some kind of ‘trick’ – maybe a joke or song.  We were then given apples as treats.

Millpond – EDM 83

Our favourite local walk takes us over Mill Hill, alongside fields with hedgerows stuffed with berries, and through a small wood.  We tread carefully to avoid the holes excavated by badgers.  Through the young trees we glimpse this millpond with a perfect reflection of the redbrick barn beside it.  Sadly, I can’t seem to get the water to look wet.  I also don’t know quite why I call it a millpond, given that the mill was about three fields away.