Ryton in Autumn


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I’m exhausted. We’ve been toddler visiting again. They are gorgeous, but totally draining. I have an enormous amount of respect for all parents past and present. I have no idea how you do it.

Anyway, the good thing about driving North is that we get to visit Ryton Organic Gardens on the way home for their double chocolate brownie and a good dose of fresh air and inspiring gardens. The best thing is the smells – of earth, leaves, herbs, and fruit. I shall miss it when we move. Anyone know of any organic gardens in West Yorkshire?

3 thoughts on “Ryton in Autumn

  1. Hi Carole,
    On a trip recently, we saw miles of roling green pastures with cattle peacefully grazing. The we experienced the sights and smell of autumn that you describe. We didn’t have brownies, we had apple tarts with ice cream.
    Toddlers are challenging to say the very least.
    I’m whining again over critiques again.

  2. Hi Connie,
    Apple tart and ice cream sounds good!
    Critiques can be bitter/sweet, can’t they? Hope your course is going well.

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