Rain Station

Standing at the top of the concrete steps,
rain slipping across the hill
like silken sheets.
Familiar landmarks smudged
as if a chalky hand
had brushed across them.
Below the echo of water trickling
like a toilet cistern
with a leaking ballcock. 
Breathing in the railway smell
of warm diesel and stale cigarette smoke.
Beside, on the wall, a landscape appears
through the peeling red paint hanging in layers.


paint landscape



I saw this tree as we were walking up to the moors today, and was intrigued by the knobbly, almost spikey texture, and the fungi which are like folds of dark coloured flesh.

It was a relief to get up to the moors.  I needed to find a bit of height, fresh air and perspective, and the moors give you that.  There is a standing stone on the Calderdale Way where traditionally people leave coins in the top.  I usually give it a hug instead.  There is something very stable, grounding and timeless about stone.  Which is what I needed after a whole day yesterday spent trying to set up a wireless router. 

No writing done yesterday (apart from endless entering of technical stuff which definitely doesn’t count), so today I shall find out where I’ve put my ink cartridges, refill my pen and write.

More adventures with clay …

  SeedpodConkershapesFortune Pebbles

This term in art class, we’ve moved on to 3D.  This is definitely not my forte, but it is fun to play.  These are some pieces I made from clay, inspired by the idea of seeds and pods.  I do love the way that clay objects show the marks of the artist who made them. 

Ryton in Autumn


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I’m exhausted. We’ve been toddler visiting again. They are gorgeous, but totally draining. I have an enormous amount of respect for all parents past and present. I have no idea how you do it.

Anyway, the good thing about driving North is that we get to visit Ryton Organic Gardens on the way home for their double chocolate brownie and a good dose of fresh air and inspiring gardens. The best thing is the smells – of earth, leaves, herbs, and fruit. I shall miss it when we move. Anyone know of any organic gardens in West Yorkshire?