I saw this tree as we were walking up to the moors today, and was intrigued by the knobbly, almost spikey texture, and the fungi which are like folds of dark coloured flesh.

It was a relief to get up to the moors.  I needed to find a bit of height, fresh air and perspective, and the moors give you that.  There is a standing stone on the Calderdale Way where traditionally people leave coins in the top.  I usually give it a hug instead.  There is something very stable, grounding and timeless about stone.  Which is what I needed after a whole day yesterday spent trying to set up a wireless router. 

No writing done yesterday (apart from endless entering of technical stuff which definitely doesn’t count), so today I shall find out where I’ve put my ink cartridges, refill my pen and write.

4 thoughts on “Knobbled

  1. Oh time spent trying to sort out things like that take up sooooo much of your life!!
    Your tree picture is delightful and I loved the text about hugging the standing stone – they have so much energy to give!
    Hope we might see you tonight, as Nicki says, at 9 p.m.

  2. The fungus is just as you described it, Carole. The dry stone wall behind it is a beauty too.
    (Season of Inspiration)

  3. I love this photo. I find the shapes and texture of the fungi really intriguing and the whole colour balance very harmonious and satisfying.

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