I have had *such* bother with these.  I tried watercolour, and simply refuse to post the results.  This drawing uses colour pencils, and required a lot of layering of colour.  This takes patience, which is not my forte.  Although having said that, I did quite enjoy sitting quietly and colouring in.  It takes me right back to childhood.  I remember when I had chicken pox, Mum bought me a colouring-in book which had beautiful colour pencil landscapes on one page, and the lines for me to colour in on the other.  I think I’ve still got it in the loft.

The apples are coxes bought from Banbury farmers’ market.  They are unbelievably sweet, and the taste reminds me of Halloween.  I lived in Scotland as a child, and we went trick-or-treating.  This involved each of us preparing some kind of ‘trick’ – maybe a joke or song.  We were then given apples as treats.

7 thoughts on “Apples

  1. Awesome apples. I like the unique colors, particularly in the shadow. In fact, that gives me an idea to try the same with my stuff sometime. The 3-d work on that right apple is really impressive, too. And the whole thing has a really bold, striking composition. Very nice.
    I know what you mean about patience and feeling like you in grade school. I got that same feeling cross-hatching with ink. Very relaxing, if nothing else.

    Thanks for publishing this.


  2. I love the the small area of white space you left on the apple on the right. This small detail adds so much dimension to the still life and tells me just where the light is coming from.

  3. Beautifully done! You’ve done everything right to show the light source, from the shadows to the highlights. You really did a wonderful job with this challenge.

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